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List of works (Op.1~30)

Article 03.08.2016, 13:40

List of works: Ali Jahangard (Opus. 1~ 30) Romance for Piano in A minor - Op.1 (Piano) Rondo (For Angel) in G minor - Op.2 (Piano) Nocturne No.1 in A minor - Op.3 (Piano) Nocturne No.2 in F-sharp minor - Op.4 (Piano) Nocturne No.3 in G minor - Op.5 (Piano) Violin & Piano Capriccio in A minor - Op.6 (Violin, Piano) Nocturne No.4 in F minor - Op.7 (Piano) Nocturne No.5 in A minor - Op.8 (Piano) Nocturne No.6 in B minor - Op.9 (Piano) Piano Capriccio in A minor - ...